5 Marketing Tips You Won’t Learn in College


Marketing is a popular major in colleges throughout the US. Most colleges follow a standard curriculum that produces cookie cutter professionals that flood the work force with the same ideas and strategies year after year. Instead of following the crowds, take advantage of these 5 marketing tips to put your career or your business ahead of the competition.

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How To Promote Your Apps To Your Customers


There are no two ways about it, mobile apps can help businesses earn more revenue. You can reach your customers whenever you want wherever they are. You can publicize new products and services or keep your customers up to date regarding certain new developments with your business. If that isn’t cool enough for you, your app can also guide your customers, using map apps, to your business’ doors. Talk about pulling your customers in through your doors.

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Applying Gaming Concepts To Marketing


Games sell billions of dollars annually because they use a powerful mind conditioning platform. It might feel like entertainment but when someone is playing a game, they are actually rewiring their brain. No joke.

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To Succeed Online You Need Targeted Traffic

Internet marketing is not for the faint of heart. You could have the best product known to man. However without targeted traffic you will not make a dime. You can even build the best website money can buy and it still won’t matter. If you don’t know how to send targeted traffic to that site you will not last long in internet marketing.

The first question you might have is what is targeted traffic? Well there are two types of traffic. There is the “tire kicker,” and next there is the “buyer.” The tire kicker is just someone looking for something for free. They need more information before they can even consider buying something. The buyer is the one who already has their wallet open. They just need a good suggestion from you.

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Top 10 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

When designing a website remember the KISS principle which stands for keep it simple, stupid. Too often though we forget that and wind up trying too hard and making mistakes. To avoid that you can reference this list of the top 10 most common web design mistakes.

  1. Content. Give them the content they want “above the fold”. If it’s hard to find they’ll just move on.
  2. Navigation. Make it easy for the visitor to click through and visit other pages of your site.
  3. Flash. Try to avoid using Flash. Your flash elements will not be visible on the iPhone and the iPad. Excessive usage of Flash is also annoying and adversely affects load times.
  4. Sounds. Don’t automatically play audio or video. Always allow the user the option to play the file if they wish to do so. As far as music goes, it’s almost never a good idea to play background music.
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The Upsell. Don’t Leave Money On The Table

If you order a burger at a fast food joint, you’ll be asked if you want a drink or fries with your order. That’s an upsell. When you book a flight you’re offered travel insurance. That’s an upsell. When you buy a video game system, optional accessories are the upsell. If you buy a domain at Godaddy and you’re offered a hosting plan, that’s the upsell.
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