Getting Rid Of Writers Block

– Do just like Nike says: “Just Do It”. The longer you spend thinking about it the harder it will be. The hardest paragraph to write is the first one.

– Write anytime, anywhere. If you have a smartphone, have a note taking app. If you’re old fashioned, put a notepad next to your bed. You never know when you’re going to get a great idea.
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5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Going To Fail

1. If you blog purely for profit rather than for having a genuine passion for your topic, your blog is going to fail. It’s very difficult to write/maintain a blog for years when you don’t have a love for the subject.

2. Giving up too soon. It’s widely accepted that Google doesn’t usually give lots of traffic to new sites. After a so called “sandbox” period you should start getting more hits. Most people decide to quit just before they’re about to succeed.
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How Can I Make Real Money In Internet Marketing

In business there is a product and a consumer. The seller and the buyer. An internet marketer is someone who sells something to someone online. So what can you sell? If you don’t have a product of your own you can create, you can sell other people’s products for a commission.Your first goal should not be to make a million dollars or even to make $100. Just try to make 1 sale.
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