How To Make Money As A Blog Link Farmer


Blogging is double edged sword. I’m not here to hype you onto blogging but I’m just going to tell you the straight truth. First, the good news, blogging makes money. There are so many ways to make money off blogging. Basically, when people go to your blog, they look at your articles then they see ads and when they click on them, you make money. Alternatively, they click on the ads; they buy stuff and, again, you make money.

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4 Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings


When potential customers search for your website or a product you sell on your website, it’s important for them to be able to easily find your page. If your website is listed on the first page of the search engine results, you’ll get more traffic and more buyers than if you’re listed on the 10th page of results. Actively working to improve your search engine rankings is an important part of being an online retailer.

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Your Money Site Is Hungry, Feed It

Lets say you have a sales page or a whole site selling your product. This is your money page. It wants more traffic. Instead of spending all your time trying to get people to visit that one site, how about creating a while bunch of feeder sites promoting your main site?

– Micro niche your product. If you sell digital cameras as an affiliate you can create all sorts of micro sites around this niche. Some off the top of my head are a photograph tutorial site, review site or a desktop wallpaper site.
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Schedule Future Blog Posts

If you feel like writing one day, write a whole bunch of posts and schedule them for the next few weeks or months. It will appear to your readers that you’re constantly updating your blog. This means they’ ll keep coming back for future posts since you’re maintaining a constant post schedule. The search engines also love steady updates. The easiest way to lose traffic is to stop updating.
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What Are High Quality Backlinks?

In the search engine optimization world not all links are created equal. When it comes to your site’s position in the search  results it’s not about the quantity of backlinks, but rather the quality of them. This explains why a site with a handful of high quality backlinks would rank higher than another site with 100 times the number of backlinks. So how can you determine what are high quality and low quality links? Here’s a list of things that make a backlink more valuable than another.

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How To Make Your Blog SEO Ready

  1. Get a good theme. Check to see if your theme is w3c compliant. Some themes are also more SEO optimized than others.
  2. Write search engine optimized content. Put your target keywords in the post title. Sprinkle the keyword phrase again throughout your content.
  3. Interlink your content. Search engine spiders love links. Let them dig through your site, following link after link. When writing a blog post, reference a previous article that you wrote within the text of your post.
  4. Have a good permalink structure. A good one is /%postname%/