How To Make Money As A Blog Link Farmer


Blogging is double edged sword. I’m not here to hype you onto blogging but I’m just going to tell you the straight truth. First, the good news, blogging makes money. There are so many ways to make money off blogging. Basically, when people go to your blog, they look at your articles then they see ads and when they click on them, you make money. Alternatively, they click on the ads; they buy stuff and, again, you make money.

Most interestingly, if they read your articles, and even if they don’t click your ads you could still make money, how? When you sell links, because the more credible your blog is more search engines would love your blog and the more people would buy links on your blog so that some of your credibility is carried over to their own websites or their own blogs.

Link farming, make no mistake about it, is one of the biggest money makers on the internet. The great thing about it is you don’t actually do any physical work. You just keep your blog, make sure it’s updated, maybe you post an update every few days, maybe once a week and the money flows in from the link purchases.

The price of admission to play the farming game is that your blog has to have a high page rank with Google, which can be obtained if it has a high level of credibility and quality. So how do you become a link farmer? How do you make money being a link farmer?  These are the basics of how search engines work.

How search engines work

Search engines work in a very basic way; in fact, they mimic how people find each other. If you go to a town and you’re looking for a barber, you ask many different people and they would point to a particular location and say that the barber lives there. Search engines work the same way. Many different websites point to each other using links. If enough websites point to your blog with a particular link keyword, chances are that is what your blog all about, that’s how search engines find you and how they rank you.

Link sales (frowned upon but powerful)

To jump start the process of websites pointing to you saying, yes this is the type of websites for these particular type of keyword. You can buy links so this websites are incentivized to link to you. The problem is Google doesn’t like this, Google bot thinks that this is manipulative and that this is cheating. But the truth, of the matter is that people do this all the time.

This is one the most powerful money makers on the internet. In fact, people blog just to build links. So you can create a blog so that you can sell links and there is such huge demand for it that your chances of making money are quiet high.

Huge needs for link need ethical sources

Unfortunately there are many shady links farmer out there. Basically, they would sell a link and then they would take it down or they would sell link on dubious websites.

If you are an ethical and credible link farmer, you will stand out from the competition. Guess what? You could charge more money, because if you’re the real deal people will pay for quality. That’s the bottom line. So, you can get your online money making empire up and running by resolving to set-up authority websites.

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