How To Succeed At: Self Employment


Imagine yourself going to work one day but instead of slouching off to your cubicle and settling in amidst the huge piles of paper, you head straight to your boss’ office door. You fling the door open, and with the theme song of ‘The good, the Bad, and the ugly’ playing in your head, you tell your boss off and you storm off amidst a storm of paper confetti thrown by your officemates who celebrate your brass balls and newly found financial freedom.

Okay, your dream of firing your boss might not be as dramatic as this, but you would definitely want to not have to hassle with reporting to a job you can barely tolerate only to get a company watch and a pat on the back at your retirement party when you are 65. The truth is, most people would love to walk away from their jobs and do what they want as self-employed business owners. If you want to do this, you have to learn some key skills. And you need to learn them quickly and effectively if you want to ever have the chance of succeeding in your dreams of self-employment.

Here are 3 key things you need to master in order to succeed at self employment.

Learn how to set goals and achieve them

If you are having a tough time setting to-do lists you can accomplish at your job, you need to figure out why you are failing and learn to get your act together. And you need to do it soon. Having your own business is all about learning how to deliver work on time every time. No excuses. No drama. If you can’t do this at your current job, the chances of you doing this with your own business is slim to none.

Learn to set goals an accomplish them. Learn to set tighter and tighter goals. Effective goal setting and goal management is the cornerstone of success-whether you are self-employed or work for someone else. This is a non-negotiable skill which is even more crucial in the self-employment context.

Learn lots of business opportunities in your spare time

While you are slaving away at your job, don’t waste your time daydreaming. Instead, budget some time every day to researching business opportunities. Don’t waste your time on pie in the sky online income scams with all their unrealistic income claims. Focus instead on actual workable businesses you can build.

Don’t get excited about the first nice-looking opportunity that comes your way. You need to examine lots of different opportunities and options before you make a decision Also, you have to make a self-assessment regarding your personality and risk tolerance so you can filter business opportunities wisely.

Learn to boost your productivity

While we all like to think that a business owner is the mastermind behind the scenes of a business, the truth is the business owner is the guy who takes out the trash, handles the customers, takes inventory, and pretty much runs the business. You will be a jack of all trades. At least, when you first begin. This is why you have to boost your productivity and work effectiveness which you are still working for someone else. Make sure you are extremely productive and can deliver work on time every time.

Once you master basic productivity, keep ramping up your productivity targets until you can deliver tons of work in as little time as possible. Sure, you will be training other people in the future to do your work, but they won’t be any good at their jobs if you aren’t good at your job. You can’t, after all, give what you don’t have. You can’t train people to be excellent, if you yourself aren’t excellent.

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