5 Marketing Tips You Won’t Learn in College


Marketing is a popular major in colleges throughout the US. Most colleges follow a standard curriculum that produces cookie cutter professionals that flood the work force with the same ideas and strategies year after year. Instead of following the crowds, take advantage of these 5 marketing tips to put your career or your business ahead of the competition.

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The 3 Most Basic Ways To Make Money Online


The internet is a wonderful thing. It allows people to instantly connect with one another no matter where in the world they’re located. It also gives consumers new ways to shop, interact with their favorite brands and exercise their purchasing power. If you’re interested in internet entrepreneurship, take a look at the following 3 ways to make money online.

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5 Ways To Become A Better Blogger


Being a blogger is more than simply sitting behind a computer screen typing away about whatever comes to mind. Blogging is an art form. Like any type of creative endeavor, the more you practice at it, the better you will become. Read on to discover 5 blogging tips that will help you get the following and recognition you’ve always dreamed of.

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Mobile App Benefits For Bloggers


If you run a blog, you are always in need of new readers. Readers, after all, are the lifeblood of any professional blog. Readers bring both direct traffic and indirect traffic. Indirect traffic? When readers like what you blogged about, they can share you with their friends and family on their social networks.

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How To Promote Your Apps To Your Customers


There are no two ways about it, mobile apps can help businesses earn more revenue. You can reach your customers whenever you want wherever they are. You can publicize new products and services or keep your customers up to date regarding certain new developments with your business. If that isn’t cool enough for you, your app can also guide your customers, using map apps, to your business’ doors. Talk about pulling your customers in through your doors.

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3 Mobile App Features Businesses Can Benefit From


Mobile apps turn your tablet or phone into a real swiss army knife. It seems there is very little an app can’t do. I’ve even seen an app that can steer a car. Crazy. Apps are versatile, powerful, and comes in a thousand flavors. No wonder the popular meme ‘there’s an app for that’ got big after the iPhone and Android changed the way we communicate with our phones.

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