How To Make Money As A Blog Link Farmer


Blogging is double edged sword. I’m not here to hype you onto blogging but I’m just going to tell you the straight truth. First, the good news, blogging makes money. There are so many ways to make money off blogging. Basically, when people go to your blog, they look at your articles then they see ads and when they click on them, you make money. Alternatively, they click on the ads; they buy stuff and, again, you make money.

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What Are High Quality Backlinks?

In the search engine optimization world not all links are created equal. When it comes to your site’s position in the search  results it’s not about the quantity of backlinks, but rather the quality of them. This explains why a site with a handful of high quality backlinks would rank higher than another site with 100 times the number of backlinks. So how can you determine what are high quality and low quality links? Here’s a list of things that make a backlink more valuable than another.

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An Introduction To Link Building For SEO

This post will detail some of the basic terminology used in the SEO game.

  • First of all, what is a backlink?
    A backlink is a link you receive to your site from a different site.
  • Why are backlinks important?
    The number and quality of backlinks you have are an indication of the popularity of your site.
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Pretty Links Get Clicked More Often

Before clicking a link I’m sure most of us hover over the link and check where it will lead us to in the status bar. Then we decide if we want to click or not. Which of the two links would you be more likely to click on?




It’s a pretty obvious choice. But there are other benefits to cloaking your affiliate URL’s. Here are 5 reasons why you need to have cleaner looking links.
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Active And Passive Link Building

Search engines will rank you higher if you have plenty of high quality inbound links. The obvious reason being, if a lot of sites like to your site, then your site must be good. Therefore to have a successful site you’ve got to have a link building strategy, not just a site building strategy. In this post I’ll discuss a few different ways of getting more backlinks to your site. They will be separated into two categories, active link building and passive link building. In one way you do the work and in the other way you let others do the work for you. A good quality site will ideally do some active link building at first to get the word out and then let their leaders do the rest of the work for them.
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